Romeo and Juliet Chess Set

Lesson by:Dara Ross
The Brooklyn International High School
9th and 10th Grade Humanities


After reading the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare students are asked to show off their knowledge of characterization, 3-D Design and the game of chess by creating their own chess sets using and our classroom Makerbot.

Materials Needed

  • Computers with internet access
  • (inexpensive)
  • Makerbot

Student Work Examples and Quotes:

"Juliet must be the Queen. She is the most important girl character in the story. The Queen in chess in also very strong, like Juliet. They can both do whatever they want in a strong way."
"I decided to make Tybalt the knight for the Capulet side of the chess game. The knight protects the other pieces in the game the same way Tybalt thinks that he is protecting the Capulet honor from Romeo's offenses."
"I made the character of Friar Laurence into the bishop. In the chess games the bishop is a religious person and in the story Friar Laurence is also a religious person. He is also trying to protect and help Romeo."