Coat of Arms:

Lesson by:Dara Ross
The Brooklyn International High School
9th and 10th Grade Humanities

Make a Coat of Arms to Represent a Character


Students will design and print their own Medieval coat of arms using for a character or a historical figure that they have been studying. They can pick from St. George, Macbeth, Macduff or even Lady Macbeth or the Witches.



Materials Needed

  • Computers with internet access
  • (inexpensive)
  • Makerbot
  • 3D Project Rubric


  • Brainstorm: Describe the character that you are making a coat of arms for? What do you know about the character? What are some of their character traits?
  • Documentation: Take a screenshot of your tinkercad design or a picture of your final character Coat of Arms and paste and include it in your documentation.
  • Reflection
    • What is a coat of arms? Why was it used during the middle ages?

    • Describe and explain your coat of arms. What colors, patterns, symbols and images did you use on your coat of arms and why?

    • What does your coat of arms tell us about your character? What will we learn about your character from looking at your coat of arms?