MaKey MaKey allows you to turn everyday objects into keys and use these objects with your programs.

MaKey MaKey works by opening and closing circuits.

If you attach two alligator clips: one from the MaKey MaKey board to an object that is conductive (a fruit, a piece of metal, a bowl of water) and another from the board to you, then when you touch the conductive object you complete or close the circuit. The closing of the circuit sends a key press to the computer. The computer thinks MaKey MaKey is a regular keyboard or mouse even though you have made your own unique key!

Here is an example of the MaKey MaKey board and an apple. Touch the apple and your sprite moves 10 steps in Scratch):

To make MaKey MaKey work with Scratch, plug in the USB to your computer and create a program as normal. For example, when the right arrow key is pressed, the sprite moves 10 steps.

Then connect one of the alligator clips to GND at the bottom of the MaKey MaKey board and touch the metal at the other end of the alligator clip with your finger.

Next connect another alligator clip to the apple and the right arrow on the MaKey MaKey board.

When you touch the metal clip and apple at the same time, you complete a circuit and MaKey MaKey sends a signal to your computer saying a key is pressed. Every time you touch the apple your sprite will now move 10 steps!