Aligning in Sketchup


What is it?

Aligning along an axis in SketchUp is simple. When moving a part along an axis.

What's the tutorial?

Aligning along an axis
  1. Open SketchUp

  2. Create an entity.

  3. Press spacebar to choose the Select tool

  4. Triple click on the entity.

  5. CTRL+ click and select Make Group.

  6. Select the Move tool (M) and click on a point, then press an arrow key to lock the axis of motion. Left arrow = green axis, up = blue and right = red:

Using a plugin

The Align Tool plugin was created by Didier Bur of SketchUcation.com. This plugin will help you with align objects and components precisely.
  1. Navigate to the Extension Warehouse

  2. Search for Align. Select Align by D.Bur and install it.

  3. Create a few entities and make some of them groups.

  4. CTRL+click on a group and select Align Group/Component from the Context Menu:

  5. When aligning groups an components you only have to click the three destination points:
    1. Click end origin point:

    2. Click end X axis orientation:

    3. Click end Y axis orientation:

  6. After the third click, you will see a dialog box that will ask if you want Duplicate this group .

  7. If you just want to move the selected group or component, select No, otherwise select Yes:

  8. To move an entity that is not a group you need to make 6 clicks. Press spacebar to select the Select tool. Triple click on the entity to select it:

  9. Make sure you orient your view so that you can click on all six points

  10. CTRL+click on the entity and select Align from the Context Menu:

  11. Click on the start origin point

  12. Click on the start X axis orientation

  13. Click on the start Y axis orientation

  14. Click on the end X axis orientation

  15. Click on the end X axis orientation

  16. Click on the end Y axis orientation

  17. After you click on the last point, the entity will reposition itself:

Now what?

  1. Move things around!