Curves in Sketchup


What is it?

You can create bezier curves with BezierSpline plugin. This will allow you to easily create organic shapes.

What's the tutorial?

BezierSpline plugin
  1. Navigate to Warehouse and search for Bezier.

  2. Install Bezier Curve Tool

  3. Click on Draw>Bezier Curve

  4. Bezier curves are drawn between two extremity points. Moving one control point can affect the shape of the whole curve.

    To create start and end points for a bezier curve click on a start point, click an End point, then click between them to create intermediate points. Pressing ESC will undo the last point. Double ESC will delete the entire curve. Double click to end the line. When you see the green arrow (The Done and Exit tool) click once to be done::

Now what?

  1. Create a model using curves.