Making your model solid after Sketchup


What is it?

Sometimes you may find you just can't get a solid form. You are not completely out of luck You can use NetFabb Studio Basic as a post production tool to help you make your model solid.

What's the tutorial?

Fixing Models with NetFabb

  1. If you don't already have NetFabb installed navigate to NetFabb.com and download and install the appropriate version of the software for your operating system.

  2. You can check in the Entity Info window if you model is solid by creating a single group and opening the Entity Info window.

  3. Export you model from SketchUp as an stl file.

  4. Open the stl file in NetFabb Studio Basic. If you see an exclamation point in the lower right corner, your model will not be able to print:

  5. Select Extra>Repair Part

  6. Click on the Automatic Repair button:

  7. Select Default Repair and click on the Execute button

  8. Click on the Apply repair button to apply the executed repair
  9. Confirm that you want to remove old part by clicking on the Yes button:

  10. Your part should be fixed.

  11. To print the fixed part you need to export it. Press Part>Export part>as STL (binary) or as ASCII. The ASCII file will contain more information

  12. Print!

Now what?

  1. Create a sketchup mode. If you find it is not solid, use NetFabb to fix it.