CLICK@MoMA: Making Codes, Breaking Codes


The world is full of codes:Secret codes. Genetic codes. Dress codes. Computer codes. Codes are instructions, information, rules, and routines that govern our lives and also our technologies. But as long as there have been codes there have been artists to break them, play with them, and reinvent them. Working with leaders from Special Project Office, this course will explore how art and artists have crafted generative artworks from instructions, codes, and computing. Generate art that generates itself, and unpack the systems around you!

Materials Explored: 3D Printing, Programming, Performance.


This program hopes to answer the question about codes and art: How artists make codes, use codes and break codes in the process of creating art.

We will look at how artists in the past and present have used codes in their work and we will in turn create our own art using our explorations as a stepping stone.

We will look at Instructional Procedures, Conditional Design, Self-Imposed Constraints, Generative Art and Parametric Design.