MP3 Player



Use 3D printing in the Engineering Design process to create a unique mp3 player. This project supports STEM by using software and hardware to fabricate seals in a DIY manufacturing project.

  • Web browser
  • Modeling tool of choice
  • MakerWare

MP3 player are a way of storing music in a compact and portable format.

Brief: This past summer released the mixed-tape. This project allows you to record a song on an mp3 player and share it with a friend. While went with the retro feel of a casette tape, you must design a new unique portable music/video player.

MP3 Player kit from Makerbot.

Lesson Sequence:
  1. Research existing players to find out what features are common.

  2. Research target users

  3. Sketch some initial design ideas. Think about shape, size and function of your design.
    What controls are needed?
    How/where do the headphones connect?
    How is music transfered to the MP3 Player

  4. Design your model

  5. Test your model, refine as necessary

  6. Document
    What to include?
    • Group details: Names of team members
    • sketches
    • CAD files
    • prototypes
    • goals
    • diagrams
    • analysis
    • product specs
    • testing
    This is all stuff that you should have a record of in your design notebook.