Toothbrush of the Future

Jaymes Dec

Lesson Purpose: Students explore the iterative design process around the experience of brushing their teeth.

Lesson Behavioral Objectives: Students will create novel toothbrush designs. They will model their toothbrushes with or and print them out on a TOM.

Materials Needed: Computers with Google Chrome, a 3D printer, access to the internet and toothbrushes for the bristles.

Steps for this Lesson:
Day 1-Discuss the experience of brushing teeth. What is good about it? What's not? How can this experience be improved?

Sketch on paper proposals for their future toothbrush.

Day 2 Design the toothbrushes using the sketches as guides.

Day 3 Present models and findings.

Extensions: Have the students conduct interviews to find out more about tooth brushing.

Have students watch family members brush their teeth and have them record their observations.

Take a field trip to a drugstore and observe the current selection of tooth brushes. What is designed well? What is not?