Charms of My Life

Lesson by:Dara Ross
The Brooklyn International High School
9th and 10th Grade Humanities


How can we introduce and talk about ourselves to our new teammates?


Students will write a list poem called I Want You To Know... that explain 10 things that they want their new classmates and teachers to know about them. They will then use the imagery and symbols from their poems to create a set of charms by using and our classroom Makerbot.

Materials Needed

  • Computers with internet access
  • (inexpensive)
  • Makerbot


  • After the charms are printed, students can pair up and explain the meaning behind their charms to a partner.
  • Multiple charms can be printed and traded among students.
  • Students can use the iSight Camera on their Macs to make a "show and tell" video of them explaining and showing their charms.