Explore Shackelton

Lesson by:Dara Ross
The Brooklyn International High School
9th and 10th Grade Humanities


What items were essential to the Shackleton Expedition?


Students will use the cookie cutter editor and to create cookie cutters related to the 1914 Ernest Shackleton Expedition to Antarctica.

Materials Needed



This lesson takes place at the end of an interdisciplinary unit about the 1914 Ernest Shackleton Expedition. First, have students brainstorm important words, concepts or things that were essential to the expedition and to the survival of the crew. Next have the students fill out the Shackleton Cookie Cutter Graphic Organizer to conceptualize their shape. After the have decided on a suitable shape (outline) for a cookie cutter they can use the cookie cutter software to create their cookie cutter. Students can scan, upload and use their own drawing from their graphic organizer or find .jpegs to upload and trace in cookie cutter.


- Rubric


  • Cookie cutters can be used as a mold for airdry clay. Students can paint the dried clay with acrylic paints.
  • Cookie cutters can be used as a stencil for plushies. Students can trace the shapes onto felt, cut it out and sew them together. Googly eyes can be added to make the shapes come alive.
  • Plushies can then be photographed and used in Comic Strips.