Thingiverse is the universe of things. It is a place where people share what they have made with the rest of the community.

A parametric model is that which is created by attributes that can be adjusted. Customizer by is a way to create parametric models that you can share, download and print.

Lithopanes are three-dimensional images in which the lighter elements of the photo are thin, while the darker elements are thicker. When not exposed to light, a lithopane does not look like much. The full effect doesn't appear until it is held up to the light.

Customizable Lithopanes makes the process of transforming your 2D images to 3D simple.

  1. Take 6 minutes to find 3 images. The images should be square and as close to 100 x 100, without being smaller than that.

    I happen to like cats and placekitten is ideal for finding pictures of a certain dimension. What other kind of themes can you think of? Can the number 3 be important to the choice of imagery?

  2. Save your images in Evernote.

  3. Open Customizable Lithopane

  4. Upload your first image and remember to invert the image:

  5. The number of layers determines the fineness of the end result: the more layers, the smoother the gradation between light and dark.

    You can add more layers, but adding layers will make the object thicker, which means less light will come through. If you add layers then also reduce the layer height, but be aware that your printing time will increase.

  6. Click on Create a Thing and name your lithopane:

  7. Click on the Create Thing button then on Return to Customizer:

  8. Create 2 more panes:

  9. Go to Your Things and wait for your lithopanes to be processed. When they are, click on the link to open:

  10. Click on Download

  11. Click on the link

  12. Open the stl file in Makerware:

  13. Click on scale and set the X to 80mm:

  14. Disable uniform scaling option and set the Z to 2.8mm

  15. Slice in Makerware. Use 100% infill, 1 ring and whatever you set your layer height to be in customizer. If you did not make an adjustment, then use .2mm

  16. A light filament works best.

  17. Print out the frame for the panes

  18. Create a circuit of three white LEDs in parallel. Design a way to fix the circuit inside the frame.
    1. Make drawings.

    2. Save drawings to Evernote

    3. Select best idea

    4. Model the interior