Greek Temple Collaboration

Jaymes Dec

Grade 5

Lesson Purpose: This project modeled the Artist / Patron relationship and the idea of outsourcing labor.

Materials Needed: Computers with WebGL enabled browser, a 3D printer, access to the internet.

Steps for this Lesson:
Small teams of students from Marymount were paired with teams of students at The School at Columbia. Both schools were in their unit on Ancient Greece.

Part 1-After learning about Greek Temples, each team filled out a Request for Proposal for a custom Greek Temple. The questions were:

Temple Request for Proposal
  • What is your Patron Group name?
  • What are your names?
  • What are your email addresses?
  • Please indicate the following specifications for your temple:
    Height (limit = 10 cm)
    Width (limit = 10 cm)
    Length (limit = 10 cm)
    Column type (Corinthian, Doric, Ionic)
    Frieze text (limit = 5 letters per side)
    Number of stairs (limit = 4)
    Number of Columns on each side (limit = 6)

Part 2 After filling out the RFPs, they exchanged them with the paired group at the other school. So each team had to design a temple in TinkerCAD based on the specifications provided by their paired group. In each case, the groups played the roles of both patron and artist so that they could experience both sides.

Part 3 For a few weeks, the groups worked on their temple designs. Once they were ready, they showed the designs to their paired groups. Over Google Video Chat, they negotiated alterations and changes to the designs. They took two more weeks to finish the designs.

Check out the designs on Thingiverse

Also see Kit Wallace's Neo-classical architecture and openscad