Wang Jianwei, a Beijing-based Chinese artist, is having his first solo museum exhibition in North America at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Time Temple is an immersive exhibition of new work.

Time Temple exemplifies Wong's perspective that art making is a continuous "rehersal" and the work explores how individuals think of and experience time. Each of the three components of the exhibit: an installation, a film and a performance, focuses on ambiguity, possibilities, time, movement, process, iteration, and metamorphosis.

Using 3D modeling and printing to explore Wong Jianwei's work makes sense. While 3D modeling and printing do not mimick Wong's process for creating his sculptures, 3DX incorporates many of the artist's central concerns including exploring possibilities, creating iterations and incorporatig change. 3DX allows an artist to create a series of work that documents in the work itself the process involved, the possibilities available and moments in time.