What is the Electric Imp?

The electric imp is a WiFi radio, ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller, and 6 I/O pins that runs the imp operating system. The OS allows you to build features and services for devices. It works with the imp Cloud and provides seamless and secure connectivity between your devices, software, third party services and external servers. The electric imp uses patent-pending BlinkUp technology.


Approach a solution to a problem by thinking about the ways one device can interact with others, and think about how their relationships could change or improve over time. suggests that "the act of powering down a work computer at the end of the day could turn on a home heating system so the homeowner arrives to a warm house" or "synchronize sprinklers to a weather website to ensure a lawn or garden is no longer watered if the forecast calls for rain later in the day. You could also start conversations between users and their homes by developing products that send a mobile alert to the user or service department when a device isn’t working properly. Conversely, a user can use a mobile app to turn on a device or check in on its status" (4/15/13).

To develop a solution, you need:
  • imp.pngan imp card
  • april.png a development board
  • usb.png USB Mini cable
  • helloworldcomponents.png breadboard
  • mobile.png a phone