...learn about design, geometry, production, and CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines. Roland's GX vinyl cutter allows users to create signs, graphics, plastic stickers, 3D pop-up cards, dioramas, silk screening masks, and flexible circuits cut out of adhesive-backed copper foil.

  1. The vinyl cutter can use vector file information from a variety of programs, such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Inkscape. The vinyl cutter also requires a path to cut. Most of these programs have a path, expand, or trace option. You can also save your image as a PDF.
  2. Your document size should be no wider than 24 inches and orient in landscape.
  3. The vinyl cutter uses vector paths to cut. Line thickness will not matter, as long as there is a path to follow. To generate a path that the machine will follow, select your drawing and use the path, expand, or trace tool.