Importing Files

Extruding .svg files

  1. Make sure that all your vertex points are joined in either Inkscape or Illustrator.

  2. Save as an svg file

  3. Open Blender

  4. Delete the default cube (X)

  5. Select File>Import>Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)

  6. Navigate to your file and import it

  7. Press B to boundary select and select the form

  8. Change the Origin by clicking on the Origin button in the tool shelf and select Origin to Geometry. or press SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+C

  9. Click on the Curve in the Scene Window

  10. Select Object>Convert and convert the curve to a mesh

  11. Press Tab to switch to Edit Mode

  12. Press B to boundary select and select the form

  13. Select Edge Select Mode to make sure edges are selected

  14. Press E to extrude and drag the mouse p

  15. Back in Object mode add Modifier>Solidify

    The Solidify Modeler is used to non-destructively add thickness to thin meshes (similar to shell modifiers in other applications). Solidify allows you to model a simple thin mesh surface, and have a solid thickness automatically extruded by the modifier.

    In edition to extrusion, solidify also has options intended for usage with subdivision surfaces, automatically adding sharp creases to extruded edges and rims.
    So you can:
    • Model walls from floor plans with consistent thickness
    • Model hollow objects such as cups or bottles

  16. Select File>Export>STL(.stl)