Parametric Modeling

Source: Makerbot

"Generative art describes a strategy for artistic practice, not a style or genre of work. The artist describes a rule-based system external to him/herself that either produces works of art or is itself a work of art."

  • To answer why a designer or artist would want (or need) to write software?
  • To foster creativity.
  • To be able to modify parameters in order to generate unique forms.
  • To be able to create interactive Processing sketches that generate 3D printable forms.

Software Needed: Processing, Netfabb Studio Basic or MeshLab, ReplicatorG

To get up to speed using Processing review Processing Basics and Processing and 3D space.

Many established artists, architects and designers have integrated software into their process. According to Casey Reas "Learning to program and to engage the computer more directly with code opens the possibility to create not only tools, but systems, environments, and new modes of expression. It is here that the computer ceases to be a tool and becomes a medium."

Parametric modeling uses parameters to define a model. Parameters may be set and as they are modified the model will update to reflect the modifications. This type of modeling allows you to explore the effects of different feature sizes, without recreating model geometry.