Modeling Syllabus

This course was designed by Jonathan Rothman for a semester-long class at the High School for Community Leadership Jamaica, Queens, Spring 2014. The course focuses on combining Geometry, modeling and 3D fabricating.

You will be able to do... (YWBAT)
  1. Identify 2D shapes that make up 3D objects.
  2. Describe ways of using 2D shapes to model 3D objects.
  3. Apply 2D techniques to break down the geometries of 3D objects.
  4. Move and manipulate digital primitives.
  5. Describe 3D printing processes.
  6. Move and manipulate digitial primitives.
  7. Describe ways of navigating in 3D space.
  8. Manipulate primitives.
  9. Use the work plane tool to place objects together.
  10. Unpack a TinkerCad design to identify the primitives that make up the design.
  11. Add & subtract primitives from one another.
  12. Use a picture to create a 3D model.
  13. Explain your workflow.
  14. Create an intersection of geometric solids in TinkerCAD.
  15. Model a real world object.
  16. Brainstorm and sketch a concept.
  17. Construct basic shapes with surface modeling software.
  18. Create shapes of specific dimensions in SketchUp.
  19. Navigate in SketchUp.
  20. Animate a design.
  21. Develop increasingly more realistic models within a surface modeling environment.
  22. Use inferencing to create elements with identical dimensions.
  23. Use inferencing to create complex structures precisely and efficiently.
  24. Create a 3D object by folding: Nets
  25. Identify the features of Platonic solids.
  26. Construct a hexahedron.
  27. Rotate faces, edges, components, and groups in SketchUp.
  28. Create a golden rectangle in SketchUp/Construct an Icosahedron.
  29. Create a net.
  30. Use components and groups to model a hallway table.
  31. Import a model into Layout.
  32. Critique and consider the input of others into your design.
  33. Create rotationally symmetric objects in SketchUp.
  34. Model an object by slicing.
  35. Create a prototype using stacked slice method.
  36. Create a presentation board for card stacked project.
  37. Determine if a model is manifold.
  38. Create a portfolio of the work you completed this semester.

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