Introduction to Sketchup


What it is

SketchUp is a tool designed to teach you 3D modeling, whether you are a novice or experienced user.

Camera Views

SketchUp provides several predefined standard points of views.

  • Iso (Shift+1)
  • Top (Shift+2)
  • Bottom (Shift + 3)
  • Front (Shift+4)
  • Back (Shift+5)
  • Right
  • Left (Shift+7)
  • Top (Command+1)
  • Bottom (Command+2)
  • Front (Command+3)
  • Back (Command+4)
  • Left (Command+5)
  • Right (Command+6)
  • Iso (Command + 7)

Tool Overview

Click on a tool to find out what it does.


To make a rectangle that is 100mm x 100mm:
  1. Select the Rectangle tool(R)
  2. Click on the ground plane to specify the starting point
  3. Drag out, but do not click.
  4. Now type 100,100. Don't place your cursor in the entry field, just typing adds values here
  5. Now press ENTER/RETURN.
  6. Switch to Selection tool (Space bar).
  7. Ctrl+click on the rectangle and Zoom Selection.
  8. Now what?

    1. Play around with the tools