Language Arts

Lessons by:Dara Ross
The Brooklyn International High School
9th and 10th Grade Humanities

Ideas for Using Tinkercad and the in English Class

Ideas to show that the students understand setting

Students can:
  • Research and recreate a story's setting such as Hamlet's Elsinore Castle or a wall in Victor Frankenstein's laboratory
  • Create a mini-set or a model for a stage play
  • Create a model of an important scene

Ideas to show that students understand characterization

Students can:
  • Create a badge (similar to a girl scout badge) that represents a character
  • Create and pack a character Suitcase. Let kids pick a character and have them create a suitcase filled with items that the character would take on a long trip. The suitcase can contain both tangible and intangible items.

Ideas to show that students understand theme

Students can:
  • Create a thing that symbolizes the theme of the work of literature being studied. These items can be placed on a class poster, quilt or tree to show all of the themes related to the story.
  • Create a book cover for the story.

Some more ideas

Students can create:
  • A children's play set based on the book
  • A board game with game pieces
  • A group of shadow puppets
  • A story cube or dice to help in re-telling the story
  • Props and or characters for a stop-motion animation film

Ideas for Using Cookie Cutter and the in English Class

Students can:
  • Interview family members or find a beloved cookie recipe and write a class cookie recipe book. Each recipe can be accompanied by its own cookie cutter. The cookie cutter shape can be a symbol of the story behind the recipe.
  • Cookie cutters can be used as a stencil for air-dry clay.
  • Cookie cutters can also be used a stencil or a pattern for felt shapes.

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